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Training, Tips and Tricks

  • Basic Obedience - 'Boot Camp'
    One On One Training
    Your dog stays here on the ranch for dedicated training in basic obedience skills.
    Ten day period recommended; Schedules easily set at your convenience.

    Training Price - $50 per day.

  • Potty Training Tips
  • Aussies are routine oriented animals. They pick up on routines very quickly.

  • Take your puppy outside several times per day (morning, noon, dinner time, and at bed time) so they can go to the bathroom.

  • Always take your puppy directly outside when removing him/her from the crate.

  • Never go from the crate directly into the main home.

  • After a couple of days of this routine the puppy will know where the potty areas are located (outside not inside).

  • Feed your puppy in the morning, at noon, and at dinner time.

  • Remove the food and water after dinner time. Then go potty again at bed time and you shouldn't have an overnight accident in the crate.

  • Think of your puppy as a two year old without diapers. Always supervise his movements when he is outside the crate.

  • After a couple of days your pup should be trained, now all you have to do is wait for him to grow up a bit more (maybe a week or two) so he will have more control over himself.

  • Basic Training Tools tools.jpg A good choke chain, about 18 inches long, and a training belt-leash, about 4 feet in length.

  • The purpose of the choke chain is to maintain control over the dog.

  • The purpose of the belt-leash, is to have a hands free function in your training.

  • With your hands free, you can follow your normal daily routine. You can walk around the house or yard, talk on the phone, wash clothes, cook dinner, pay bills, watch TV, work at your desk, read the newspaper. You can do anything while at the same time you are training your dog.

  • Your dog is hooked to your side via the belt-leash and has to follow you around as you follow your normal routine. You can log hours of training in without changing your normal daily routine. Those once a week training classes just cannot accomplish the same results as this method.

  • Your objectives in training? Authority, repetition, and finally discipline.

  • The fact that your dog is hooked to your side, establishes your authority. A dog is an animal. He has a natural respect for the pecking order of the animal world. By being attached to your side, and under the authority of your will, you establish your pecking order. You the trainer have to be superior in authority to your dog. Once your authority is established, then the dog will listen to you, and not challenge you.

  • The mere fact that the dog is attached to you by the leash, places him in the subordinate role. Establishing your pecking order comes very quickly.

  • Once the dog starts to listen, then the learning begins.

  • Repetition of action is the natural next step.

  • As you get up, walk, sit down, then command your dog appropriately.

  • When you begin to walk, then command your dog to 'HEEL.' The dog should walk on your left side. That is the side where subordinants walk with respect to those who are superior to them.

  • When you stop walking, then command your dog to 'SIT.'

  • When you sit down, then command your dog to 'DOWN.'

  • Repetition of these functions create the learning environment for your dog, and simultaneously instill the 'habit' of listening to you, as well as performing the required commands.

  • Likewise, this habbit which your dog is learning, becomes his comfort zone. Animals are creatures of routine or habit. They are comfortable functioning within their 'habbit' zone. Once you have achieved this, then you have accomplished excellant control over your dog.

  • Make life at your side the best place that your dog could ever be. Give him treats, love, and lots of positive reinforcement.

  • Positive reinforcement is the key to any successful training.

  • Never yell at your dog. Never hit your dog. Never spray things in his face. Anything that creates a negative will defeat your trainig objective of control over your dog and winning his love.

  • When your dog listens to you and loves you, then you have trained him well.

  • You can do this training.

  • Traing is easier than you can imagine.

  • Begin your training at any age, but the younger the better, of course. When your dog can walk on a leash, then he is ready for this training.
  • Once trained, you and your dog will have a great life together. Enjoy !!!
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