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Stud Service Agreement


This sales consignment agreement is made on the ________ day of ________________ 20_______.

The First Party hereby agrees to provide a qualified stud dog, and the Second Party hereby agrees to provide a qualified female dog, below pursuant to the terms and conditions specified herein:

FIRST PARTY: J. Neely __________ SECOND PARTY: ____________________
Address: 54505 NW Scofield Rd Address: ____________________
Buxton , Or. 97109 ____________________
Phone ____________________
E-mail ____________________

1. If more than one Second Party is listed above then each Second Party may be individually held responsible for the terms of this agreement.

2. Property. The Property is described as: Stud Dog: ________________ Female Dog: ________________

3a. Terms of Payment.

Second Party shall pay to the First Party $1000 due upon drop off of the female dog, plus $5 per day due upon pick up of the female dog, for the stud services provided by the stud dog specified above, for the female dog provided by the Second Party. Should pregnancy not occur in the female dog then Second Party will be entitled to a second opportunity to mate their female specified above for an additional charge of only $100 plus $5 per day to cover expenses.
In lieu of accepting the payment of $1000, First Party shall have the right to select first pick from the litter born due to this mating. Should First Party choose to take a puppy then Second Party will be reimbursed $300 of the original stud service fee.

Unless specifically stated herein, the stud services are non-refundable.

3b. Pick of the Litter. If First Party elects to choose a first pick of the litter, then, unless otherwise specified, a female pup of the First Parties choice will be selected. If the litter does not produce an acceptable female pup, then the First Party shall have the right to choose no less than two male pups.

3c. Pick of the Litter. First Party ( ) shall, ( ) shall not, elect to take the first pick of the litter.

4a. Guarantees And Disclaimer. First Party does not guarantee the pregnancy of the Female Dog being bred. Second Party herein acknowledges their understanding that the results of this breeding may result in successful or unsuccessful pregnancy, and/or that the Female Dog may during the course of the pregnancy lose the pregnancy through natural or accidental means, and/or the Female Dog may be infertile. First Party does guarantee that the Stud Dog is fertile and is a proven producer.

4b. Second Party herein assumes full and total responsibility for knowing the status of their female's heat cycle, for the proper care and maintenance of their female after the stud services herein are provided, for using due care in avoiding medications during the pregnancy term, for keeping the female reasonable inactive during the pregnancy term so as to avoid possible absorption/abort risks.

4c. Second Party herein acknowledges that there is an implied risk in engaging in the breeding of their female, that there are no guarantees with regard to the expected outcome, that there will always be uncertainty with regard to the females ovulation, fertility, timing, and care during the breeding and pregnancy term.

4d. First Party guarantees that the designated stud will be with the female exclusively throughout the females presence on First Parties premesis.

4e. First Party does not guarantee the viewing of the breeding activity between the two dogs, but rather relies on their uninterrupted presence together as adequate proof of breeding activity. The term of presence between the dogs is typically seven to fourteen days continuously without interruption.

5. Liability. Second party assumes full responsibility for any damage or injury their dog may cause, and holds First Party harmless for any said liabilities.

6. Value. Second Party herein represents that the full value of their Female Dog is insured either by themselves or through a insurance carrier, and herein holds First Party harmless for any injury, damage, or loss caused to their dog while it is at First Party's premises.

Default. If First Party has to seek satisfaction of this agreement through a collection process or other legal means then, First Party will be entitled to recover from Second Party any and all costs and fees incurred by First Party.

Artificial Insemination

If breeding is by artificial insemination (a.i.), then this agreement is to include the following terms and conditions:

Mutual Agreements by both parties:

Both parties agree that this stud service agreement is for stud service only, and is not to be construed as a guarantee of live puppies upon whelping.

Both parties agree that one puppy constitutes a litter.

Both parties agree that their own dog involved in this breeding is in good health as evidenced by an updated veterinary examination, including all current in vaccinations.

Both parties agree that if the Female Dog fails to become pregnant, a return stud service from the First Party will be given to the same Female Dog with an additional stud fee within one year of the first mating. Second Party , however, must pay all a.i. costs.

Both parties agree that if the stud dog dies, or is otherwise not available or unable for stud service in any form, then a return stud service will not be offered.

Both parties understand that the stud may rarely not collect as expected, and every effort will be made by the stud owner to ship the collection on time or provide semen from a different stud if agreed by Second Party . However no refund will be given if the Second Party has already inseminated the Female Dog with one (1) shipment.

Both parties agree that if the Female Dog changes ownership, the right of return stud service is at the discretion of the Stud Dog Owner.

Both parties agree that the First Party shall be held harmless of any and all liability, except as stated herein.

Agreement by Owner of the Stud Dog in the event of breeding by artificial insemination.

The First Party agrees that collection of sperm will be made by a veterinarian, or semen bank company who has collection experience on the dates provided by the Second Party .

The First Party agrees that the collections shipped must be considered viable for breeding by veterinary standards for artificial insemination. Collections will be shipped in special cold packed boxes.

The First Party agrees that shipment of the collections will take place on the dates requested, unless in the event of a natural disaster or national emergency resulting in the halt of veterinary services and/or transport carriers.

Agreement by The Owner of the Female Dog in the event of breeding by artificial insemination.

The Second Party will provide the First Party with the date for insemination based on progesterone testing done to predict ovulation by the veterinarian of the Second Party . In the event a 2nd shipment is needed, there will be an additional charge for extraction costs plus shipping fees.

The Second Party agrees to give the Owner of the Stud Dog sufficient notice prior to desired shipment date of collections. Generally, 48 hours prior to planned time of insemination will be sufficient notice. However, Stud Owner needs to know the day before the day the Stud Dog needs to be at the Vet or extraction service.

The Second Party agrees that artificial inseminations will be performed by a veterinarian or semen bank company with prior artificial insemination experience.

The Second Party agrees to pay all shipment fees and/or delivery charges to the First Party or First Party veterinarian or service company in addition to the stud fee. The Second Party also agrees to return shipping boxes if applicable via regular mail within 10 days.

The Second Party agrees to pay for all veterinary, travel, and shipping fees associated with a return stud service, if one transpires, including Stud Owner collection costs.

The Second Party agrees to provide Stud Owner with pictures of each individual puppy between the age of five and eight weeks.

The Second Party agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies whelped as a result of this mating to any person or firm connected with business of resale or wholesale of dogs.

Additional terms to this agreement:


The owner of the Stud Dog and Owner of the Female Dog agree Payment for this stud service of $ dollars due prior to collection.

This agreement is non-refundable.

Second Party _____________________________ Date ______________

(print name)

_____________________________ (signature)