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Horse Boarding, Pasture Turn-out, Miles of Trails, Banks-Vernonia Trail Nearby.


THIS AGREEMENT, for good and valuable consideration receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, dated the __________ day of ____________, 20___made by and between
____________J Neely_________________________________________,
hereinafter referred to as 'STABLE' , providing services as an independent contractor, located at 54505 NW Scofield Rd., Buxton, Or. 97109_____ and

Name __________________________ Address_________________________________

Phone __________E-Mail ____________________ hereinafter referred to as 'OWNER'.
(print clearly)
Driver’s License State _________ DL ID Number ____________________

Owner of the hereinafter-described horse(s). These parties warrant that they have the right to enter into this AGREEMENT.

1. Fees, Term and Location
In consideration of $ ____________ per horse (small animal) per month paid by OWNER in advance
on the ___FIRST__ day of each month. Owners e-mail address will be used for billing and correspondence. A $5 (Five Dollar) fee will be added if regular mail is required.

Late Fee A late fee in the amount of $35 will be added to the monthly billing if the monthly boarding is paid after the fifth of the month. A late fee will be added for each month that the boarding payment continues to be late.

Day Rate
In the event that this agreement expires and the horse (small animal) remains at the STABLE, then a Day Rate for boarding will apply in the amount of $15 per day plus any other charges that may be applicable, including but not limited to stall cleaning, feed, medical, animal maintenance and so forth.

Quarantine Rate
Quarantine boarding rate shall be $15 per day, plus additional care costs. Owner shall prepay all quarantine costs in weekly increment estimates. Refusal or failure to pay quarantine costs shall be grounds for the removal of the horse (small animal) from the premises at OWNERS expense.

Boarding desired:
A. Horse
Description: ______Stall, Pasture, hay provided by Stable; cleaning is an extra charge; Owner provides medical and vet; grain and feed supplements_________________________________________________
B. Small Animal Boarding
Description of pet (small animal) ______________________________________________________
Owner provides all maintenance and care of for the small animal(s).
Owner assumes complete liability for their small animal(s).
Stable provides only boarding space.

STABLE agrees to board the herein described
horse(s) at 54505 NW Scofield Rd., Buxton, Or. 97109 on a month to month basis
commencing ______________________, 20___.

Partial months boarding shall be paid on a Per Day Rate basis (see above) based on the number of days boarded for the number of days of the partial month, unless otherwise agreed to.
Day Rate or agreed amount $ _________.

OWNER shall pay a deposit in an amount equivalent to each animal’s monthly boarding. Said deposit shall be used to pay for final costs incurred by OWNER. Said deposit shall not be used for the last months, monthly boarding cost. Any deposit remaining after applicable costs are paid, shall be refunded to OWNER, within thirty (30) days after termination of this boarding agreement and after all costs have been determined and paid.

2. Description of Horse(s) (small animal(s))
Name: _________________________________ AGE: ________
Color: ______________________________ Sex: ____________
Breed: ____________________________________
Registration/Tatoo Number (if applicable): ___________________
Value of Horse: $______No Value____________ (see 2a. below)

Name: _________________________________ AGE: ________
Color: ______________________________ Sex: ____________
Breed: ____________________________________
Registration/Tatoo Number (if applicable): ___________________
Value of Horse: $____No Value_____________ (see 2a. below)

Owner herein represents that all animals are in good health, and that all inoculations are current.

If a horse (small animal) arrives with and/or develops, some sort of contagious agent or injury, such that it needs to be separated away from the rest of the animals, then the horse (small animal) will be placed in Quarantine, separated from the rest of the animals present on the premises, until such time as a veterinarian states that the horse (small animal) is no longer required to be in quarantine. STABLE shall decide the place of and or need for quarantine for the horse (small animal). Quarantine boarding rates apply.

2a. Value
In the event that 'Value' of the horse listed above is greater than or equal to 'no value' OWNER warrants that he presently carries in full force and effect, and throughout the period of this AGREEMENT shall continue to carry and maintain in full force and effect, insurance or self insurance, protecting OWNER and STABLE for the full value of the horse(s), and against all claim (s). Owner agrees herein to hold harmless the STABLE its owners, heirs, and assigns for any and all claims against or related to the horse(s) specified herein.
Owner Signature ______________________ Date________

(In the event that this AGREEMENT provides the herein described boarding
services for more than one horse (small Animal), the same information, in the same format, as
provided herein, shall apply to said additional horse(s) (small animal(s)).)

Right of Lien
OWNER herein acknowledges that he (she) has read and understands and agrees to, the RIGHT of LIEN
Terms as stated in item 14 below.
Owner Signature ______________________ Date________

3. Feed and Facilities (Additional cost; subject to Boarding desired specified in #1 above)
STABLE does not provide for any other additional services.

Feed and Care
In the event that Stable provides feed, cleaning, and care over and above that specified in this agreement, Owner shall reimburse Stable for such costs immediately upon billing.

Shoeing and Worming
STABLE does not provide shoeing and worming of the horse as is reasonably necessary. Provided however, such expense for same shall be the obligation of OWNER hereunder. Upon presentation by STABLE of the bill for said services rendered, including service charges, if any, OWNER shall pay said bill immediately upon receipt.

STABLE does not provide grooming for said horse(s), (small animals).

Pasture or Facilities Review
Owner acknowledges herein that they have inspected the pasture and equestrian facilities, and have deemed their condition is acceptable for the boarding and maintenance of their horse(s). That Owner understands that the pasture is a forest/pasture setting which has potential hazards common to its type of setting, to include but not limited to: trees, branches, hills, creek, rocks, fencing, etc.

Natural Herd Setting
Owner understands and agrees that their horse(s) is/are boarded in a natural herd setting and there are inherent risks in that type of setting, including but not limited to injury, horse pecking order issues, and so forth. Owner assumes full and complete responsibility and liability for their horse(s) and their horse(s) actions.

Special Instructions to STABLE (additional costs may apply):


Furthermore, it is expressly recognized and understood that the boarding of said horse(s) (small animal(s)), as agreed to herein, is not a personal services contract and accordingly, any services provided for hereunder may be performed by STABLE or its employees, officers, agents and/or family members.

4. Exercise
The OWNER shall be solely responsible for the exercise of the horse(s)(small animal(s)).

Pasture turnout shall be the responsibility of the owner. Owner further acknowledges herein, that STABLE shall not be responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from pasture turnout.

5. Ownership/Inoculations
OWNER warrants that it owns said horse(s)(small animal(s)), that there are no liens against said horse(s), express or implied by law, and will provide prior to time of delivery of said horse(s), to STABLE, date and proof of worming, five-way inoculation, and west-nile, other inoculations that are appropriate for the animal, all current within the twelve month period immediately preceding delivery of the horse to STABLE.

Owner shall maintain inoculations annually and worming at least every three months, and provide proof of same.

6. Risk of Loss
During the time that the horse(s)(small animal(s))) is/are in the custody of STABLE, STABLE shall not be liable for any sickness, disease, theft, death or injury which may be suffered by the horse. This includes, but is not limited to, any personal injury or disability the horse may receive while on STABLE’s premises.

fully understands and hereby acknowledges that STABLE does not carry any insurance on any horse(s) Small Animal(s)) not owned by STABLE, including, but not limited to, such insurance for boarding or any other purposes, for which the horse( s) is/are covered under any public liability, accidental injury, theft or equine mortality insurance, and that all risks relating to boarding of horse(s), or for any other reason, for which the horse(s) is/are in the possession of STABLE, are to be born by OWNER.

7. Hold Harmless
OWNER agrees to hold STABLE harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by said horse(s)(small animal(s)), OWNER or his guests and invitees, to anyone, including but not limited to legal fees and/or expenses incurred by STABLE in defense of such claims.

8. Liability Insurance
OWNER warrants that he presently carries in full force and effect, and throughout the period of this AGREEMENT shall continue to carry and maintain in full force and effect, liability insurance protecting OWNER and STABLE from any and all claim (s) arising out of or relating to this AGREEMENT.

9. Emergency Care
STABLE agrees to attempt to contact OWNER, at the following emergency telephone
Number ( )_______________________________,
Designated Veterinary Service __________________________________ Phone _____________________

Should STABLE feel that medical treatment is needed for said horse(s) (small animal(s)), provided however, that in the event the STABLE is unable to so contact OWNER within a reasonable time, which time shall be judged and determined solely by STABLE, STABLE is then hereby authorized to secure emergency veterinary care and/or blacksmith care, and by any licensed providers of such care who are selected by STABLE, as STABLE determines is required for the health and well-being of said horse(s) (small animal(s)). The cost of such care secured shall be due and payable by OWNER within fifteen days from the date OWNER receives notice thereof, provided however, that STABLE is authorized to arrange direct billing by said care provider to the OWNER.
Owner signature _______________________

10. Stable Rules
Owner hereby acknowledges receipt and understanding of the current STABLE Rules, which are incorporated by reference in full, as if fully set forth herein.

OWNER agrees he and his guests and invitees will be bound and abide by these Rules, and accepts responsibility for the conduct of his guests and invitees according to these Rules. OWNER acknowledges the Rules include but are not limited to:
STABLE Safety Rules;
STABLE Hours of Operation;
Notice of Required Release and Waiver for minors;
Statement of Applicable state equine liability laws;
Required Veterinary care;
Notice given to Stable, for each departure and/or arrival of horse (small animal);
Notice given to Stable for each departure and/or arrival of guests, professional services, transportation services, others;
STABLE may revise these Rules from time to time and OWNER agrees any revision
shall have the same force and effect as current Rules. Failure, as determined in
STABLE’s sole discretion, of OWNER or OWNER’s guests and invitees to abide by
STABLE Rules may result in STABLE declaring OWNER in default hereunder and
result in termination of this AGREEMENT.
Continued and blatant disregard for Stable rules shall be subject to a fine of $250 per violation.

11. Default
Either party may terminate this AGREEMENT for failure of the other party to meet any material terms of this AGREEMENT, including but not limited to item 11 Stable Rules. In the case of a default by one party, the other party shall have the right to recover legal fees, collection costs, and expenses, if any, incurred as a result of said default. Any payment due STABLE under this AGREEMENT shall be due and payable by the first day of the month and immediately in the event of termination. Failure to make any payment by said due date shall place OWNER in default hereunder. Acceptance by STABLE of any late payment shall not constitute a waiver of subsequent due dates or determinations of default. Payments made after the fifth day of the month or payments resulting in an insufficient charge shall be assessed a $50 late payment fee. Any insufficient charge payments shall be charged a $35 penalty fee.

12. Assignment
This AGREEMENT may not be assigned by OWNER without the express written consent of STABLE.

13. Notice of Termination
OWNER agrees that thirty (30) days written notice shall be given to STABLE as to the termination of this AGREEMENT.

14. Right of Lien
OWNER is put on notice that STABLE has and may assert and exercise an immediate right of
lien, as provided for by the laws of the State of ______Oregon________________,
for any amount due for the board and keep of horse(s) (small animals), tack, equipment supplies and so forth, and also for any storage or other charges due herein, and further agrees STABLE shall have the right, without process of law, to attach an immediate lien on OWNER’S horse(s)(small animals), tack, equipment supplies and so forth, after termination or expiration of this contract, for non-payment or partial payment and OWNER herein grants the STABLE title and ownership and therefore, the right to sell or dispose of, at STABLE’S discretion, horse(s) (small animal(s)), tack, equipment supplies and so forth, to recover its loss.
Signature of OWNER __________________________. Date ___________

15. Eviction for Non-payment
In the event of non-payment of balances due, OWNER herein grants to STABLE permission to remove horse(s) (small animal(s)) from STABLE’s premises and deliver horse(s) (small animal(s)) to OWNERS home address or other designated address agreed to by both parties, or other address in the STABLE’s best judgment. OWNER shall prepay all moving and transportation costs and boarding and other costs, and OWNER shall assume and accept all responsibility and liability due to such move, before, during and after said move. In the event that no address destination exists, then STABLE shall at its discretion, determine the best destination and transport horse(s) to said location.

STABLE may, at its discretion, exercise its right of lien as per item 14 above, in lieu of transporting animals, due to non-payment.

16. Contract Situs: All matters, whether sounding in contract or tort relating to the validity, construction, interpretation and enforcement of this Contract, will be determined in Washington County, Oregon. Oregon law will govern the interpretation and construction of this Contract.

By: ______________________________________ Date __________
Telephone: ( )___________________________

Credit Card/Debit Card Authorization

*Credit Card Number: ___________________________________________________

*Expiration Date (Month and Year): ___________________________________________________

*Security Number: ___________________________________________________

*Name as it Appears on Credit Card or Debit Card (Print): ____________________________________________

Cardholder’s Billing Address (As listed with Credit Card or Debit Card Company):

Street: ___________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________________________

State: ___________________________________________________

*Zip Code+4: ___________________________________________________

Cardholder hereby authorizes, J Neely, the use of this bank card for the payment of rents, fees, deposits, and any other costs due.

Cardholder’s Signature: ___________________________________________________